Overground Slurry Stores

From slurry stores to slurry spreading, Tank Storage Systems offer a whole range of products to meet your slurry storage needs. We have over 40 years of installing Permastore® glass fused to steel slurry store tanks as overground slurry stores. We also supply and install Albers Alligator pvc coated fabric bagtanks for both slurry storage and waste water storage. The Albers winbag is a very cost effective way of storing yard washings and collected rainwater.

To compliment storage tanks we also supply ancillary products such as PTO side mixers and submersible electrical mixers. If three phase power is not available on site then we can provide aeration mixers for any type of tank. We also offer a range of covers where rainwater or odour is an issue for open tanks.

We also supply a range electrical and tractor driven pumps for slurry transfer. We have submersible and longshaft chopper pumps for fast delivery and positive displacement pumps for controlled pumping of thick slurries. Our screw press separators are used for reducing the volume of liquid storage required while leaving and an easy to handle liquid that doesn’t taint crops.

We now offer the only screw press on the market that can guarantee solids with a dry matter of 35%. The Green Bedding system allows you make your own bedding from materials you have on the farm. This system is proving to not only increase cow comfort but also reduces average cell counts, by sourcing bedding from on-farm.

When it comes to emptying the tank we can provide you with a complete umbilical pumping system. Tank Storage Systems were the first company in Ireland to offer the umbilical system over 20 years ago. Our experience with our range of products is second to none. Our product range includes Bauer SX1000 PTO driven pump, Hilcoflex hose, front and combi reelers and dribble bars or splash plates.

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