Tank Storage Systems have had a very active role in the AD market in Ireland. We have delivered components to 3 biogas plants in Ireland which accounts for a significant percentage of the industry to date. Our services include turn-key digester tank construction, gas storage and mixing, pumping and separation systems.

We can supply Permastore® Trifusion tanks with a triple glass coating to withstand the corrosive components of biogas. We offer both gas membrane roofs and glass coated rigid roofs for digesters. We can insulate and cladd the base, walls and roof of the tanks where appropriate.

Our submersible electrical mixers offer versatile mixing capabilities with the most difficult of mediums. The mixers can be position with a decline of up to 30° to help prevent floating layers from forming. We also supply electrical and PTO driven side wall mixers.

With a range of centrifugal and positive displacement pumps we can match any pump to your requirements. Fast discharge or controlled dosing is possible. Our screw press separators can remove any remaining fibrous material leaving a thin digestate better suited for recirculation and land spreading. The screw press is also very effective at removing plastics from digestate in waste plants where food waste is depackaged.

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