Double Membrane Gas Cover


Double Membrane Gas Covers are suitable for installation on concrete and steel tanks. The outer membrane acts as a weather protector while the inner membrane expands and retracts to store biogas. The outer membrane is inflated with an ATEX air blower providing the necessary stability to withstand wind and snow loads. The membranes are clamped to the tank wall by stainless steel brackets. A cord is welded into the outer edge of the membranes to further increase their resistence to becoming detached during high winds. A centre pole and straps support the inner membrane when not inflated by gas. A net construction is placed across the starps to promote the activity of desulphurisation bacteria.

The Double Membrane Gas Covers can be supplied with the following options:

Inner Membrane Level Sensors:
  • Rope level measuring system
  • Gas H meter(liquid pressure) system with mA reader
  • Ultrasonic level sensor
Centre Poles:
  • Azobe wood centre pole
  • Stainless steel centre pole
  • Stainless steel crown for strap attachment supplied with both centre poles
Air Blowers:
  • Continuos operation blower with weighted pressure valve
  • Intermittent operation blower activated by pressure sensor
Viewing Window:
  • Porthole viewing window for viewing the inner membrane
GRP Cover

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