Helix Drive


The Helix Drive is an eccentric screw pump suitable for controlled dosing. The positive displacement design of the pump means it has good suction capabilities allowing for installation in easy to access positions. The technical features of the pump include:

  • Gear motor with normed flange E12
  • Bearing bracket with cooling fins from GG60
  • Suction body housing made of GG60 with normed flange DN 150 PN16
  • Pressure connection made of GG 60 with normed flange DN 125 PN 16
  • Unique rotor manufactured directly at BSA (a BAUER Group Company)
  • Base frame with fork lift cut-outs and fitting bore holes
  • Oil receiver tank for visual checks
  • Rinsing connection with Geka coupling
  • Frequency 50 HZ and Voltage 400 V
  • Motor range of 5.5kW, 7.5kW and 11.0kW
Engine Drive

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