The Bauer Magnum submersible pumps are suitable for transfer pumping of effluents and slurries. Available in two models; ESPH for effluents and CSPH for slurries. Features of the pump include:

  • Submersible motor pump with adjustable cutting device (CSP)
  • Spiral housing and suction bell made of cast iron
  • CSPH: Impeller and cutting disc made of chrome steel
  • ESPH: Impeller made of spheroidal cast GGG60
  • Pump shaft made of stainless steel with angular ball bearing
  • Three phase current – submersible motor 4-polar for 400/690V/50Hz / IP 68 with 8m cable 12G x 2,5² 1m cable protective tube and strain relief
  • Sealing on motor end: mechanical seal in oil bath
  • Sealing on pump end: closed and stainless steel mechanical seal
  • Motor temperature class H, with triple PTC resistor 180° C, for thermic winding protection
  • Medium temperature up to 65° C
  • Leakage sensor extends into oil reservoir (additional motor protection )
  • Motor and cable strand on junction plate, strand of leak oil sensor and PTC on ceramic clamp interconnected in a terminal box casted in casting compound
  • Motor protection guaranteed by the original BAUER control system (accessory) with installed thermistor release relay for PTC resistors and overcurrent relay, as well as electronic monitoring system for leakage sensor

Motor range of 4.0kW, 5.5kW, 7.5kW, 11.0kW and 15kW



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