Optimum homogenization of liquids in agriculture, biogas plants, waste water treatment plants and in the industry.
Three phase submersible motor
For optimal protection a thermic winding protection is installed in the motor. The thermic winding protection (PTC-resistor) has a phase protection device and is over voltage and low voltage proof as well as capacity overload proof.
Medium temperature MSX up to 40 °C / MSXH up to 65 °C.
Strong planetary reduction gear unit that guarantees high efficiency
High stability due to various hardened and polished interlocking gears. These gears reduce the friction, which results in less power consumption and high efficiency.
Elegant design – high quality material
A special design concept, achieved by aligning the motor and propeller on the same axle level, guarantees high efficiency. The resulting elegant and streamlined motor design has an additional effect on the efficiency. The heavy-duty propeller shaft is equipped with shoulder roller bearings. A cleverly devised oil guiding system guarantees that the mixers are well lubricated in every position. An oil leak detection probe is included in the models MSXH.
Two-wing thrust propeller
Made of stainless steel (optional hardox), self cleaning; high efficiency due to large diameter and special thrust edge.
Special shaft seal
Two high quality mechanical seals guarantee trouble-free operation and a long life span.
Sturdy cable
With strain relief device that guarantees operating safety.
Tank Wall Mixer

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